Let’s do this – for real!

I really want to blog again. I don’t know what is holding me back. Alright, maybe I do – the rise of microblogging and the amplification of instant updates on Facebook, Twitter and anything/everything else. And then when I actually start the blog, I wonder what to say.

Perhaps starting fresh will help the stagnation go away. I created this blog over a year ago with the intention of turning a new page, but it didn’t happen. Well, now I want it to happen again – and it will! I am challenging myself to write once per day in August. What will the focus be, though – reflective or exploratory? Let’s try a little of both.

It’s been a day of transitions today as I moved out of my apartment, and later said goodbye – for now – to two friends whom I originally knew in MA and are now returning there. Got me thinking about the nature of time, but how time is equally really just a construct.


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