Blog Challenge, marin county

Possible Redirection and Catching Up

I became aware of an new “end of year” blogging challenge entitled Reverb10 today. Not sure if I’ll switch over to their prompts, which seem to be more based around questions than memories. However, I will probably continue to monitor their site to see if the questions interest me and thus pick and choose between prompts.

I’ve also shifted gears today to a new temporary home base in San Francisco, enabling me to CATCH UP on the prompts pr entries due from the last few days. I’ll be very interested to see how this stint of City Living goes, and how it feels to me, as I’ve spent 2.25 years living in the Bay Area, but this will be my first extended stint of living in SF proper. I call it “dancing around San Francisco” – and wonder how much I will miss my Marin routine during this week. I’m sure time will tell, and I’m glad to have this sampler to give a feel for the City and me.


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