The future is still secret

I’m clearly recalling April 28. 2006 (five years ago?) today, which is when my original play FUTURE’S SECRET premiered at the Hampshire Red Barn.

Of the many sensations and experiences to look back on that project with satisfaction, the biggest one for me is the sense of collaboration and shared artistry. In the professional world, I have not been able to find a project that has the same level of moving along together, working side by side with like minded individuals, and truly seeing a play through from start to finish. It is a top of the world feeling. There is attachment, but there is also accomplishment. There is a sense of creativity and trust. In the grand scheme of the Hampshire Theatre, I had reached the top of the world and could bring all my skills together into a culmination of theatre work and practice.

I miss that level of creativity and spontaneous artistry. I have gotten back in touch with it in some ways since 2006, but never (not yet) in as consistent a way as those few months were. I would love to find the time to write another script or take the lead on another production.

Perhaps the only way or ideal method to make that happen is to sit down and DO IT. I want to, I can, and I will.


One thought on “The future is still secret

  1. TheatricalBuddhaMan says:

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    Remembering a memorable theatre experience that opened (now, yikes) EIGHT years ago tonight. I wanted to write an “update” to the thoughts here, and might do so in two days, which was the closing performance in 2006.

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