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The Felt Sense of a Return to the Spotlight

I spent most of the month of May on intensive wilderness retreats, one focused on wilderness living and survival, the other on contemplative Buddhist meditation practice.

Of course, both were light years away from the theatre world.

Now I am settling back into my regular arts-centric Bay Area life and noticing with interest how the sensation feels very different. It doesn’t exactly feel like a chore to go back to theatre work and theatre going, but it does feel like a sharp turn. I didn’t exactly feel this effect when going in to the retreat mode.

I’d be curious if this process affects others who may go away from the industry for a while. It’s almost indescribable, I’m sure the moment will pass, but at present it feels like it (going back into my theatre life) has a very tangible physical effort. I see how I and others get wrapped up in the routine and certain ways of life, and returning to those same processes after time away makes it take on differing qualities than before.

I’ll have to check in to this felt sense next week and see what it feels like then.


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