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Recap to Move Forward

In order to move forward and regain some momentum with this blog, I thought it would be helpful to recap the shows I’ve seen thus far this year. I feel like it should be more than 10, though that is probably a case of wanting to see more shows than I actually have.
>>EDIT: Oh, yes, it is more than 10. Just.

More details to come. And here they are:

1. Vsnessa Schukis – Community Music Center of Boston

2. Copenhagen – Flat Earth Theatre Company

3. Body Awareness – The Wilma Theater

4. Fallow – People’s Light and Theatre

5. Dead Man’s Cell Phone – Bootless Artworks

6. Time Stands Still – Delaware Theatre Company

7. Peggy Shaw in Conversation – Hampshire College

8. Almost, Maine – Lewiston/Auburn Community Little Theatre

9. Romeo & Juliet – Salisbury School

10. What Corbin Knew – The Penny Seats

11. Totally Awesome Players – Delaware Theatre Company


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