August Osage County – will I ever get there?

Over the last several years, August: Osage County has become a title that I just keep missing chances to see. I can think of at least five instances where I could have gone to the show… but something else came up or prevented me from attending.

That feeling reached a new height last night when I learned (after the fact, of course) that Tara King herself, Ms. Linda Thorson, had played the lead older woman part in a production of the show earlier this year in Baltimore – just 70 miles from Delaware. I certainly could have attended, but am sad to say it wasn’t even on my radar screen. And it would have completed my mostly achieved goal of seeing all 4 of “The Avengers” actresses live on stage.

Ah, well. I can only hope Ms. Thorson finds another stage vehicle in the near future – and I find a dose of August: Osage before the Meryl Streep/Julia Roberts film version is released this fall.


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