Flashback: Theatre Workshop at the BAC in London, March, 2007

Just pulled this off my live journal; it was written in September, 2007.


Exactly six months ago at this time, I was riding an energy high from one of my most memorable nights living back in London. I never really wrote about the experience at that time, and would like to do so a little bit now on the anniversary. However, I think I’ll make this a “To Be Continued” story, as the pictures and video from that night (to be posted later on from my own laptop) may tell the story better.

The leaflet advertising that week’s After Hours workshop at the Battersea Arts Centre described the next class, entitled “The Wrong Moment”, as Using physical performance and digital media we will be focusing on the unconsious, awkward, unexpected spaces between our deliberate actions. It sounded different and exciting to me, so I decided to go down for it, even though it was an hour’s tube and bus ride from home, and the show was particularly draining that week as we went to locations in Southwark.


I never did write a follow up, but maybe I should here.


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