Dharma as Music

I recently found an old iPod that I hadn’t used in at least two years – doesn’t seem like a long time, but because I hadn’t used it AT ALL I had a strong feeling of “oh yeah, that song!” or “I forgot about that one!” while looking through the playlist.

The playlist includes all four songs from dharma teacher Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche‘s EP, Mipham, released around 2005 as an experiment in spoken word for a normally traditionally dharma – oriented teacher, and also just before he settled down in a new way by getting married and (later) having two daughters.

(Full disclosure: the Sakyong leads the Buddhist community I grew up in, I’ve met him many times, and I know the man featured in the video.)

I thought I’d post the video for the lead single, “What About Me”, here, as it boasts a message worth reminding of and is well worth viewing. I had almost forgotten about it and am glad that it still resonates.


>> Actually I can’t seem to post it directly into the blog, but the link is here. Tara Slone adds backup vocals.


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