People are People & Work is Work

Curiosity and boldfaced names have drawn me over to the 2013 Motor City Comic Con today. For a few of my preteen years I was an avid follower of these types of events, mostly in the form of Star Trek conventions, getting to meet (briefly) Mr. Data himself, Brent Spiner, and partake in various fan activities.

I also have a ticket for a special reunion Star Trek convention in Chicago in June, and might have to post a follow up entry on that experience.

My point in recording sensations from today’s event is to note that the feeling is different. No longer awestruck, I’m now… Curious. And sympathetic. And admittedly still entertained.

I think it’s a side effect of working in the business that I wonder what it must be like to be on the “vendor”/”talent” side of these events … Nod knowingly at a fellow vendor you saw at a similar event, maybe in a different state. Crack a joke with a former actor colleague you haven’t seen since… that one film you both are best known for. Pay close attention to the words of your fans – that may be reverential – and give them your undivided attention, even though economics and livelihood dictate you might be charging them a fee for a picture with you.

I probably just overthink it all. I see a lot of smiling faces at this event. I just might inhabit that fan role myself to speak with Ms. Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) because there’s no time like the present.


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