Tipping the Balance back to Live

Over the past year or so I’ve regrettably gotten away from my once very frequent theatre going habits. I’m glad to be enjoying an extended stay in a more theatrically invigorating area here in Michigan. However, I’m noticing that travel distance and ticket purchasing seem to be a minor to moderate logistical concern, in a way that they weren’t before.

It also reminds me of the many audience studies I’ve observed in arts administration work – what drives you to see this production? Is there something holding you back from going to see it? How did you hear about the piece? Would you recommend it to friends? Show your enthusiasm on social media? (Hey, we’ve created a #hashtag just for that.)

I notice that aforementioned economics issue is a moderate concern for me, though I’d like it to not be the case. If be happy if the economic and social balance of theatre vs. film was switched to how it is in the UK for instance, where theatre is seen as a “night out” or regular event, while filmgoing is seen as more of a destination with correspondingly higher ticket prices.

So what should the first play of my extended stay in metro Detroit be?


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