Publicity = Spontaneity

This week, a variety of activities have reminded me of the enviable spontaneity of British theatre publicity photographs, which are things I had frequently admired in the past, but more recently had forgotten about. For some enviable and not immediately explicable reason, many of these types of pictures appear to have a casually caught in the headlights type of look, from which the artist looks directly at the viewer, or is caught by the viewer, but (and this is crucial) still is caught in the midst of their own activity. ready to move on to something else.

Unfortunately I can’t find too many examples of this type of picture on the internet (maybe it’s more of a printed thing, fitting with that spontaneity idea) – but this publicity shot from last year had caught my eye, and I saved it on my computer, feeling that it got the point across very sleekly.



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Once upon a time, there was a boy from New England. He grew up with a sense of adventure, loving to travel around the Northeast region. He could always count on the presence of a Buddhist community in his family and friends. Later, those interests merged. His sense of adventure continued to grow, expanding across Europe and then back the other direction across the USA.

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